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It took me a long time to create my own authentic life. Growing up with many distortions, dysfunctions, multiple identities, and all the cultural and social conditioning surrounding me, I had no idea who I was. During the last three decades, I have been on a Quest for Truth: to know myself, to understand why I am here, and to discover the secrets of Life, of this reality, of our Universe. Crowned & Throned is the culmination of all my searching. I have healed my relationship with myself, first and foremost. Through all I have learned, I have a completely new relationship with Life. I shifted from poverty to abundance and victimhood to exuberant sovereignty. I’ve transmuted the excruciating traumas of my childhood and the ensuing depression, along with a history of addiction my family and I used as coping mechanisms. I have released myself from low self-esteem, body shame and disassociation to feeling like a radiant, beautiful, powerful being. I went from abusive, unhealthy relationships, especially with men, to balancing my own feminine and masculine energies within.  I now receive supportive, healthy, devoted connections from everyone in my life, both professionally and personally, and have healed my relationship with my parents and everyone in my family. I’ve redefined success and have moved from feeling completely exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled to living my life’s purpose and being of service in my dream job. I control my own schedule. I have time to work on all my creative endeavors. As guided by our Mother Earth, I am birthing projects that focus on peace and generating greater unity and connection amongst people, while restoring our sacred waters.


Creativity flows through me. I love every single person I work with and consider my clients to be some of my dearest and most trusted friends. We even spend holidays together. I left a life of struggle, longing and insecurity to live a life of flow, stability and divine prosperity. Due to the layers of emotional pain, ancestral suffering, and erroneous thinking, I had fallen into many illnesses during the course of my life that helped awaken me into greater liberation. I had walking pneumonia, flu after flu after flu. My doctor diagnosed me with a Stage 3 precancerous condition. I healed myself naturally of fibroids and almost all other ailments, continuously finding my way toward greater health and vitality. And I traversed all of this while joyfully raising a beautiful, wise, heart-centered son into manhood.


With my research and work, I have traveled the world extensively- Africa, Latin America, Central America, all over Europe and New Zealand- always following the whisperings of our Primordial Mother. My life’s journey has been a full-on roller coaster ride to hell and back. Through it all, my dance with the Sacred Mysteries has sustained me without fail and has led me to find the promised land, to discovering what it truly means to live Heaven on Earth, to be free.

crowned & throned

I now know that I signed up to become lost in this third dimensional matrix for the purpose of healing my lineage, and finding my way back Home. I incarnated here on this Earth with the purpose of being myself fully, exulted in my own essence. I came to fulfill my mission. I agreed to awaken within myself the path back to Source by listening and following the inner guidance I received step-by-step, so that I may illuminate this path, and uplift and help others to come home into themselves. If I can do it from where I began, so can you. In this way, I choose to serve as a Way-shower, a Guide for others who are walking this evolutionary crest of life, so that you don’t have to take years and years to heal yourself, to live your divine purpose, and build all your dreams through embodying love, abundance, peace and joy.


I believe that when we clear ourselves of the conditioned beliefs projected by the dominant society, and align ourselves with our own divine nature, we will be guided in the most direct and effortless path to the fulfillment of our own personal destinies and the creation of harmony for our entire planet. When each of us are fully embodied as our true selves, sharing our unique gifts, our contribution to the greater fabric of our collective reality will emerge in divine perfection. Every sage and indigenous elder I have had the great privilege of speaking with, have all shared the same wisdom: “we must open and heal our hearts to change all outer experiences”. With these four sacred offerings above, I intend to take you on a journey, a journey where you belong, a journey you may have been waiting for your whole entire life. I intend to help you set yourself free, to open your heart and live your life authentically.

With eternal blessings and love,

ps.  The Spring Immersion retreat is for women only, however if enough men are interested in a similar retreat, with a masculine focus, that calls in some of my amazing Kauai brothers and deep intense Nature adventures, please email me by clicking:

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