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Love has the power to heal all things.

In the ancient Mystery schools, students were taught that to know and understand oneself, was to understand Spirit. They were taught how to use their innate, divine powers from within to transmute discord and scarcity, and align themselves with the energies of harmony, wisdom, health and abundance. These teachings contained the innermost knowledge of life and self and were deeply rooted in shamanic practices and ancient indigenous wisdom. The primary purpose of these schools was to serve the Light, and to keep the timeless, ancient secrets alive and protected. Initiates were trained to visualize the highest and most noble ideas of Creation for themselves and for Mother Earth. By working with the cycles of the Earth and the rhythmic energies within oneself, students learned to create from a place of surrender and flow with all of life. All the Mystery traditions, whether from Tibet or Egypt, Persia or Greece, provided an invaluable service to humanity by activating the spiritual powers buried deep within the devoted women and men who followed the teachings. Thoughts and emotions embodying love, compassion, gentleness, harmlessness and peace raised the vibrational frequency of the Mystery initiates to help them overcome and eliminate the limitations of living. Humanity’s greatest teachers, such as Isis, Buddha, Quan Yin and Christ, have demonstrated these scientific, spiritual principles.


Certainly, we are living in a different time and different era than the Mystery schools of our ancient past. One may say that our time today is even more critical. What our societies and planet are facing today may be the very catalyst calling every single one of us forward to evolve, to discover a deeper wisdom that lies beyond our physical senses. We are being called to evolve from our current adolescent stage of development into a more conscious maturity, our divine sovereignty, and indeed our own self-mastery, as humans. We are being called to an initiation into Unity consciousness.

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Biology shows us that we are intrinsically connected to the systems of our planet, our moon, to each other, and every other organism, and yet we continue to experience a disconnect within ourselves and with our natural world. Quantum physics has proven what the great sages have spoken about for millennia: that our concept of separation is only an illusion. In the new paradigm, we are waking up to the inherent connection in all living things. We are waking up to the POWER inherent in our physical bodies, these energetic temples of co-creation. We are waking up to a higher organization of Creation that begins with our very own essence. Through embodying our divine nature, activating the magnetism of our heart chakras, and uniting as one human family, we become a part of birthing something truly magnificent. Together, we usher in a global revolution, a Golden Dawn- an Earth that is radically peaceful, loving, inclusive, abundant, flourishing, and environmentally and emotionally safe for ourselves and for our children-all while nourishing ourselves with bliss, from the Thrones of our earthly creations.


~a Hopi elder speaks

My deep desire and intention is to be of service to this entire planet. While in an ongoing receptive state of listening to how I just might do this, I received direct guidance to create Crowned & Throned, a Modern Mystery school®.

I literally had a “creative orgasm” when the information was coming through my channel one December morning in 2014. I was fully dressed, in the presence of my dear friend and creative partner, yet rippling with sheer ecstasy and exquisite, full-embodied pleasure. I was afraid to speak on the guidance I received at first, thinking “who on Earth am I” to share this sacred wisdom and “who on Earth would understand” what was happening to me. But as I began to accept, acknowledge and share what was coming through, I was led to the exact people who needed the information and tools I had been so privileged to receive and learn. And every one of them, I discovered, happened to be a member of my soul family tribe.


When I got really quiet and asked what this was all about, the first message I received was, “you are here to create your heaven on Earth. All the keys lie within.” Then this message came, “love has the power to heal all things. Be crowned in your divinity and throned upon your garden of earthly creations. Everything in your life is created through your attention.”

Over the next several months (and still ongoing), I proceeded to download a series of channeled information and transmissions explaining the nature of Crowned & Throned and how I am to serve through this vehicle of potent transformation. The vision I saw showed me a mobilizing group of intelligent, devoted human beings, leaders of the new paradigm, awakening into their highest, most liberated human potential, to serve this grand mission of liberating others and regenerating our beloved Mother Earth. I was asked to follow the guidance directly, precisely, and told that everything would be revealed. This was the most direct path of expression for my inner Mystic and there was no turning back.


Since then, I have had the distinct honor and gift of working with some of the most courageous women and men hailing from all corners of this sacred Earth: from Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Lebanon, Armenia, Switzerland, Israel, Vietnam, Australia, Mexico, Korea and more. I have been guiding and facilitating individuals and private groups from the East Coast to West Coast, from the mid-West to the Southern parts of the US right into their hearts and highest visions of themselves. I have been blessed to be in their presence and witness them stepping into their biggest and brightest, most beautiful selves. We are all rolling up our sleeves, jumping in and choosing to create a more beautiful future world for ourselves, our children, and all future generations. This is, and continues to be, a collective movement of catalyzing change. We are riding dragons, consciously choosing our lives in each moment, and enjoying the magic with which we are graced with.

“The only source of knowledge is experience. The only real valuable thing is intuition” -Albert Einstein