Sisterhood - Crowned & Throned
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Vonetta E Taylor


For the love of all my sisters here in the Bay, my Spider Stinson sisters, sisters of LA, my sisters in Milwaukee, my sisters in NY, my sisters across the seas in New Zealand, Italy, and those holding it down with Mama Kauai, for all my sisters in Telluride, and around the globe…


Nothing can hold me quite like your love,
my sisters,
especially in a time of naked
I feel blessed by all you Goddesses
You who raise children, bees, and gardens
You who heal hearts, land and future generations,
who with me dive deep in the cosmic seas,
who caress my swollen tear stained cheeks
and send dragons to sit by my feet.


I love you all.
I love you all.
I bow in gratitude to your Divine magnitude.
Thank you for your bonds of devotion
in service to a more beautiful
flourishing world
for us all
Thank you for your gifts and smiles
for your fiery bellies full of ecstatic pleasure
Thank you for your wild
Thank you for loving your breasts and your hips,
your lips and all your sacred tricks
Thank you for your courage, your soft blessings,
your fierce protection
for your strength,
your mana,
your wisdom.
Ladies, your beauty is so exquisite,
only Goddess knows how best to serve it.


We are a treasured collection of deep feminine Yum
I cherish every moment
all the stories
all the laughter
all the heart break
all the songs
I relish every giggle and kitty snuggle
Om Yes, together is where we belong


This is the time of our Holy Creation.
It is an honor to dance this Earth with all you Angels.


Besos from the Crown to the ground
all over your sacred temples.


Yours forever,