Sardinia - a sacred retreat - Crowned & Throned
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Sardinia – a sacred retreat

Sardinia – a sacred retreat

Sardinia, an Italian island set in the turquoise healing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Home to thousands of nuraghi-mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives. Obviously an island birthed for Queens. A beautiful place honoring the Madonna and the holy lineage. This is the birth home of Monica, one of our dear sisters. After gathering as women in circle, each time growing closer, stronger, more in love with each other, we decided to take our work, our prayers, our play, and our sisterhood to the sacred vortex in the mystical Sardinia. The sacred vortices on Earth (like the pyramids of Cairo, Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Jerusalem, Tibet, Mt. Shasta, Kauai, and Sedona) hold spiraling streams of energy that contain Light Codes. When we have activated our own vortices within, we start to become drawn to one or many of these power spots on Earth, magnetized to the frequency that matches the energy of our own personal encoding. This is the reason why I have been called to Kauai so many times.


Our ancient ancestors and indigenous cultures have understood these channels of energy for millennia. They recognized these centralized hubs of life-force energy, where Gaia is exceptionally healthy and vital and they built their temples of devotion upon these vortices, often facing the sun, moon or particular stars, while following principles of sacred geometry.  They held rituals and ceremonies for creation, healing, intense prayer, peace and the wellbeing of all beings on the planet. Our ancient ancestors used these vortices as portals of Light to align and connect with higher frequencies of Source energy.  


Sardinia is one of these portals.


I arrived late in the night, traveling directly from Esalen where I participated in a workshop entitled “Love School” with the founders of Tamara, a global peace village, and Charles Eisenstein, one the new thought leaders I follow with enthusiasm. My taxi driver was cute, but he didn’t speak English very well. There were few numbers on the houses and also no house numbers on the street to indicate the location of the villa we had rented. After driving up and down the street 5 or 6 times, my Italian cabman got frustrated and had to go, so he left me on the corner in the middle of some neighborhood near Chia Beach and I had no idea where I was. But I was totally cool. Most of the ladies had already arrived. They were extending their vacation for as long as possible. And I knew they were soon headed out for dinner. Even though I couldn’t get my phone to work to call them, I figured they would drive past me on their way toward the main road. Little did I know I was on the wrong street! After some texts and obviously some magic, I saw headlights streaming down the cobble stone lane and a speeding car full of shining Goddesses pulled up to me and said “lady, get on in!” Omg. What an arrival. The sky and the air carried a unique quality, a taste of a freshness I had not yet encountered before, this was Sardinia. The moon cast silver glimmers across the hilly seaside village. I was elated and instantly relaxed in my entire being as soon as my feet touched the ground.


Late evening strolls through architectural squares brought us to mouth watering, super fresh Italian dinners many a night. Most of us were gluten-free, dairy free adamants, but here, we ate the most delicious, fresh baked bread and cheesy dishes made from pure ingredients out of grandma’s backyard garden. We were all so grateful for each and every heavenly bite. We witnessed and became a part of the Italian square culture. So passionate, so sensuous and colorful. It was a dream come true for all of us.


Our days were spent deep in sacred ritual or playing, swimming, and snorkeling in the Mediterranean. We hiked and visited ancient ruins, learning of the incredible history and connection the Italians have to the Goddess, to the sacred feminine (entire cities were built around the thermal baths) and to Isis. One particular day, we visited a burial site of ancient tombs carved into the mountain some 3000 years old. The energy was strong. We meditated in the cave like rooms hallowed out in the mountain that these ancient ones had created. We could feel which spaces were open to receiving us and which were closed. We honored the land and respected its wishes. It was apparent that some of the rooms were constructed for gatherings and for the preparation of ceremony and death. For one space in particular, built with a circular window and an opening descending into an inner chamber, we learned that it was constructed so that on the summer solstice, the light of the sun would hit the very center of that ritual space.

We sat around in circle and took turns, one by one stepping into the center and feeling the power of this portal, this sacred field. It was as if time became eternal. The center held a peace so expansive, so pure, so vast, it was palpable from the moment we stepped inside. It felt like physical, tangible creation Source energy. This was one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had on Earth. It validated my life’s work in following the guidance of our ancient ancestors and aligning with the Earth’s elements and cycles in order to live in harmony and peace on this planet. I was speechless.


Even though our schedules didn’t fully align (some ladies came a couple days later, some had to leave earlier) for at least four days, we were all together. We spent some nights under the stars, the moon, and sky, listening to the ocean as we entered into ceremony, blessing each other. This time together brought us closer as sisters. We shared our hearts, our dreams, our stories of past lovers and we laughed and laughed and laughed. We were vulnerable with each other. We were held by each other in tenderness and by the Mother. It was an extraordinary trip of a lifetime that must be repeated sometime again, sooner than later.  And this time, I hope we all can share a longer stay together. Oh how I love these women!