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crowned & throned



Hello Beauty. How are you? I hope you are well. I’ve been deep in sacred life- living in, grateful for, and loving Peru.


I would love to share something with you. I believe we can all feel that these times on Earth are shifting. That the very fabric of our lives is changing before our eyes. Professor Brene Brown asked this question “Do you feel that life is unfolding faster than you can manage?” In a room full of people, everyone raised their hand.


Now more than ever is a time for us to slow down, to remain fully anchored in our centers and connect to our own rhythms and cycles, our innate feminine. It is the time for us to radiate and shine. A time for the feminine to rise, to bring balance to our beloved Earth, and restore harmony to our lives.


For this to happen, we must attune to our feminine nature. She is the one connected to the natural cycles of our world. Within her cycles, our inner masculine can create the structures and forms, the necessary strategies to accomplish and fulfill what is needed. In this way, through an inner sacred union between our feminine and masculine aspects, we are able to handle and manage everything that comes our way, with balance. We understand what serves our highest good and can say no to that which will throw us out of balance.


The truth is that women are the very vessels through which this great global transformation is occurring. The feminine is rising in us together, in our very temple bodies. With consciousness and alignment, we can ensure that transformation is toward greater liberation and wholeness. Join me in an experience of sacred sisterhood where together we will deepen our embodiment of our divine feminine energy and practice the sacred feminine arts of tantra to bring us into our most radiant aliveness.



Welcome to this journey of Feminine Embodiment and Liberation!



For me personally, the call into deeper feminine embodiment and liberation has been the game changer I was looking for -an initiation that is changing my life forever.  It was the missing piece I needed to fully heal my body and finally heal my relationship to the masculine. I am now living from my whole self, embodying my whole temple form from a place of internal balance, a place of softness, surrender, and a more quiet, grounded feminine power than I’ve ever known.



Are you curious to know what it means to be a RADIANTLY ALIVE WOMAN?


~to walk with confidence, grace, and ease, feeling comfortable in your body
~to glow from within a joy so radiant you magnetize everything you desire
~to feel connected to life with a deep gratitude and awe for being alive in your beautiful female form on our planet
~to feel excited, engaged, and passionate about your work, courageously being of service from your innermost softness
~to inspire people through your very presence, enthusiasm, and radiance
~to open yourself to feel and receive more pleasure, living a more orgasmic life


In a society that historically and continuously suppresses the feminine, it is a revolutionary act to be a radiantly alive woman. It is a revolutionary act to honor and bring forward your soul through the embodiment of your feminine essence.

In 2012, The Goddesses Quan Yin, Mother Mary, and Isis came to me while I was lying in a crystal temple I was invited to in Kauai. I felt them enter my body to heal and restore my DNA. After hours of crying and releasing, they told me that I was to create circles of 12 for divine healing and empowerment. With this immersive retreat, I am envisioning a circle of 12 powerful soul sisters who are ready to step into their next level of feminine embodiment with radiant aliveness. Women who want to take a giant leap in their next level of expansion- physically, mentally, emotionally, erotically, creatively, and financially.


Come join us! Come share your feminine wisdom and magic with us in a beautiful natural sanctuary, surrounded by forests and trails. We will be fully supported with nourishing meals in a temple space for our embodied transformation. Together, we will practice the sacred feminine arts and tools I use to stay in alignment and creative flow, the tools that have personally enabled me to take that quantum leap forward.


Invest in yourself, your healing and expansion. For when we begin to liberate the most potent life force within us, our sacred sexual energy, its pure fire will burn away anything in its way that is not truth, everything that does not serve. When our sexual life force is naturally flowing through us, our most authentic expression is flowing, our eros is flowing, our divine alignment is flowing, and our abundance and money is flowing. We naturally magnetize everything we need and want to us.



MAY 28 @ 9 am ~ MAY 30 @ 11 am

West Bend, WI (45 mins from Milwaukee)



We will open the temple space with a cacao ceremony. Our first evening together, we will anchor into ritual with other beautiful sacred plant teachers to support our feminine embodiment and transformation.



Together we dance. Together we Rise.



Awakening and embodying our divine feminine essence is necessary for the global transformation we all need.

What will you receive by joining?



+ Deep nourishment in your body, mind, heart and soul

+ Grounding, rootedness, and connection to the Earth and her elements

+ Powerful tools from the ancient Essene mystics to protect your sovereign energy field

+ Somatic release of old patterns, energies, obstacles, thoughts, and beliefs

+ A reconnection to your true self, your inner most feeling and receptive centers

+ Unwavering trust in your womb and feminine intuition

+ An activation of your radiant aliveness, your feminine magnetism, and inner Source Light

+ Tantric tools to embody your sacred sexuality, expand your sensuality and creative life force

+ Balance within your masculine and feminine energies

+ An unapologetic reclaiming of your birth right to live your joy and ecstatic pleasure

+ Stronger, healthier boundaries and greater confidence

+ Tools for creating more wealth, abundance and prosperity

+ Greater self-love and capacity to receive

+ Guidance and healing from the sacred plant Queendom

+ A tribe of powerful women offering invaluable reflection, support, and inspiration as you take the next quantum leap for your life

+ Deep loving connections and integration support







“Vonetta E. Taylor facilitates the most potent and sacred retreats I’ve ever experienced. Not only does she share her beauty and experiences of her own journey on this spiritual path, Vonetta evokes pure magik! That’s what I experience as I am in Heaven on Earth, joined with Angels that are glowing with the Stars. I am filled with mystical bliss and the feeling of having an orgasm without a partner. It can be as BIG as feeling and being One with God. I know this to be so because it was one of my experiences. I felt a new sense of power and connection to myself that has helped me in all aspects of my life. I HIGHLY recommend Vonetta if you want to experience the MAGIK!!!!” ~Sheila Jot Prakash Kaur





“Working with Vonetta has been one of the most healing experiences in my life. Because she holds such a beautiful and safe container within her group retreats, she allows each person to tap into their very own essence. Her ability to lead and inspire are intrinsic in her being…she just radiates love. And by modeling self-love and full acceptance, she inspires others around her to do the same. She is absolutely grounded in her femininity and love consciousness…and this is ultimately what I desire most; the ability to love and be loved FULLY. So thankful to orbit with this powerful priestess and healer, Vonetta Taylor.” ~Natalie Riggs”





“Vonetta will guide you with her radiant love, extensive knowledge, direct personal experience, and precious sense of humor, back to You.” ~Juliet LeBlanc





“From the moment I met Vonetta, the connection was instantaneous – a deep soul recognition of soul family – and it’s been that way ever since.  Soon after we met, I enrolled in Crowned and Throned and Vonetta became one of my greatest teachers – guiding me to the purest version of myself.  Over a three year period, I studied with her and traveled to Kauai and France for her sacred women’s retreats  where I received huge initiations and activations that impacted my life significantly.  Most valuable of all, Vonetta was the first person to model real unconditional love.  Her love allowed me to feel safe for the first time in my life, and receiving her love and gifts resulted in the profound healing of my childhood wounds. My life has completely transformed since that first meeting.  I’m now leading and guiding others from a place of Sovereignty I never thought possible. My love and appreciation for Vonetta is infinite. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  ” ~Shannon Sathya Rose





I feel as if the course of my life is forever changed. I can sense to the core of my being that I’m right where I should be and the journey ahead is going to be magical. I have a new and powerful understanding of the world, and my place in it, and with that comes a calmness I never knew I could find – trust and confidence, true inner peace and acceptance. That’s like the holy grail!! ” ~Miriam Brown




“Working with Vonetta created some important shifts and transformations for me.  I noticed a real improvement in my relationship with my husband, where I was able to feel and receive his love in a much deeper way than I ever have before. Another shift that happened was a change in the way I felt about my finances. I was able to get in touch with a feeling of lavish abundance that had really fizzled out in my life.  Most special of all was just spending precious time with Vonetta as a mentor and sister. Learning about her path, her stories and her tools was so inspirational and a real delight. For me personally, I would consider it priceless.” – Jenny-Viva Collisson, MD


Create from your grounded divine feminine embodiment.

crowned & throned


2 powerful, soulful days of divine transformation and feminine activation

DAY 1:  Purification & Meeting our inner feminine archetypes


We will activate our personal energy shields for greater protection and restoring our DNA.

We will acknowledge and release beliefs we have that do not serve the highest visions of ourselves- our joy, our pleasure, and our dreams.

We will meet our inner wild woman and allow her to unleash.

We will work with breath, movement, sound, and somatic healing processes.

We will learn tools for authentic relating and deepening intimacy.

We will work with strengthening our boundaries – knowing and embodying our clear YESs and NOs.

We will surrender into our feminine with greater self love and care.


DAY 2:  Sacred feminine tantric arts & Manifestation


We will open up our spines, our divine channeling rod for moving sexual energy

We will circulate and release energy in the breasts, our centers for nurturing and giving

We will open up our wombs, clearing energy from past lovers and traumas

We will liberate the energy for pure divine receptivity in our sacred portals of creation

We will work with THE JADE EGG to revitalize, heal, and restore our vital life force

We will invite in orgasmic manifestation

crowned & throned


crowned & throned


Rise as a Radiantly Alive Woman.


This calling is for women from all walks of life, from all diverse cultures, backgrounds, orientations and sensitivities. It is for the mystics, the empaths, the healers, priestesses, the lovers, maidens, artists, alchemists, light-workers, the awakening star-seeds, earth wisdom keepers, feminine leaders, game changers, mothers, teachers, activists and advocates. ALL are WELCOME.



There are only 12 sacred seats in this divine circle

CLAIM YOURS by emailing me vonetta@crownedandthroned.com



If you have any questions, please share them. I will personally connect with you so you feel safe prior to coming.

To claim your space, a non-refundable deposit of $444 is required

please share your sacred YES with me: vonetta@crownedandthroned.com

It is an honor and a pleasure to receive you.

vonetta Taylor

I am Vonetta E Taylor, your transformational guide toward ecstatic liberation. For over 3 decades, I have been on a path of self-realization: studying meditation, metaphysics, and the mysteries of the universe. After my shamanic initiation in 2012, I devoted my life to be of service to Mother Earth, humanity and the great awakening that is unfolding. I serve as a Source channel of the Divine Feminine to bring forward unconditional love and the embodiment of our true power. With this, I have guided over 600 sacred ceremonies for women and men around the globe. Graduating from Cornell University with a BA in Cultural Anthropology, I am wildly passionate about exploring the depths of our consciousness and shared human experience. Recently trained in the sacred tantric arts, I am here to support you in returning home to your heart and creating the most orgasmic, blissful life possible, because you are worth it. And we all deserve it.

crowned & throned

Throughout our retreat, please feel free to ask questions internally, with each other, and with me your guide

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when I enroll?

After you have paid your deposit and claimed your seat, you will receive an email with more details such as the retreat address and what to bring. If you have never worked with me before in sacred space, we will schedule a 15-20 minute phone consultation so I can understand how best to be of service to you.


What is included in the retreat?

Your accommodations in a natural, beautiful sanctuary, healthy organic meals, sacred ceremonies, sacred tools, practices, and processes, and an integration call.


What is not included in the retreat?

All travel arrangements to and from the retreat.


How can I best support my journey?

From the moment you say YES, your transformation begins. Be gentle with yourself. It is advised that you create some space to listen to your heart for your intentions. It is best to write these down in your own handwriting, in a journal.  We also advise attending the integration call after the retreat. You will receive guidance on how best to ingrate your expanded experience to ensure you make that quantum leap in your life. 


I look forward to welcoming all of you.