Gratitude - Crowned & Throned
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“Over the course of several years, Vonetta guided me through my spiritual awakening. She helped navigate the process of me seeking my truth. I began embodying my authenticity and walking my most aligned path. My inner world flourished as a result, and over time, my business and brand moved in a direction I never thought possible. She gave me guidance that propelled my 5th book to becoming the number one best selling title in all of New Zealand. Vonetta supported me in the risky transition from being the beloved Ambassador of Meat in my home country to inspiring a nation of plant based eaters. I prospered even further in a way that really aligned with my core values.


I now feel I am living my dharma – work no longer feels like work to me because I’m responding to a greater calling. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Vonetta. I’m forever grateful she came into my life when she did. She gave me the kick start that opened my eyes, the platform to leap from and the tools to keep living the life I want.”

-Chelsea Winter, New Zealand celebrity chef, entrepreneur, food writer and television personality

“Working with Vonetta is a game changer! She gave me the tools and tricks needed to upgrade my life. I believe we all have the power within us to do great things. Her wisdom and guidance helped me unlock the true potential within myself to accomplish even the unimaginable. Now I am free to turn all my dreams into reality.”

-Stacy Kiebler, actress, former WWE wrestler, co-founder Caldera Lab

“Vonetta is a class five 200 mile an hour tsunami of JOY, creativity, abundance, unconditional love and strength. I’m talking about real endearing strength of character, honesty, and unwavering integrity. Vonetta has done more for my confidence, drive, and sheer enjoyment of life than anyone I have ever met. In a limited world, she shows me the unlimited potential that I, that we all have, to succeed. And for that, I am eternally thankful.”

-Sam Williams, Vice President Marketing, CBS, Los Angeles, CA

“Before working with Vonetta, life had gradually become more and more blurry. I was playing a character in an unconscious script. Life was living me with little hope to discover anew let alone fulfill my potential. At first, I was skeptical that this unfamiliar spiritual path would impact my reality much. But it has been nothing less than life changing. Vonetta’s loving, trusting, wise and pure nature guided me beautifully through some very challenging aspects of myself and reignited incredible hope and curiosity in what lies ahead in my life’s journey. She helped to get me back in touch with my true nature and the miracle of living in presence and awareness. From this foundation, I have been inspired to create my new world. I am so grateful to have been touched by Vonetta’s grace and magic. Thank you.”

-Rico Zorkendorfer, Inventor, 15 years w/ Apple core design team, contributed to the iPhone + ear pods. Creative Director of Bumblebee Spaces

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to Vonetta. She helped me find my true essence and purpose. My experience working with her was life changing! It all started with a simple question, ‘What is it that you really want to create in this life?’ That was the springboard on which she was able to help me dive into the ocean of my soul and all its complexities. She was so gentle, patient, and kind as we excavated my shadow side and brought my true self into the light. She was able to see me, feel me, sense me and guide me in a way that no other person ever has. The experience was so unique and special that I will cherish every moment spent with her for the rest of my life. In the end, I am living with a new and focused sense of purpose. I am clear on my mission. My business and personal life have flourished because of the work we did together. I’m a better wife, mother, and healer because of her. Thank you with all of my heart! xo”

-Michelle Williams, reiki master, IET master, medium,

“I always say that Vonetta is the Couture brand of spiritual guidance. She teaches me and supports me in holding a much bigger vision of myself and my life. She has and continues to be a vital source of guidance to me creating success on every level – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial – that is completely authentic to what I truly want and desire and who I truly am. She is meticulous, precise. She fine tunes me like a classical instrument. She helps me access the secrets of the universe. Her program is custom designed and custom fit to your individual needs. There is no level, no depth that she cannot meet you in and bring you back to your center, full of riches and treasures from your very own soul. I’ve worked with a lot of people over my 20 years on a spiritual path, and in my short time working with Vonetta, she has fundamentally changed my life forever unlike any other. Truly groundbreaking work.”

-S.A., Los Angeles

“I was delighted to find the answers to my work related problems quietly revealing themselves today – as a direct result to a new found calm and confidence and the shimmering of light that’s still burning because of Vonetta’s leadership and all of the contributions of my brothers into that collective bucket of honesty, compassion, integrity and spirit.”

-C.Z., San Francisco

“This one year was my life changing year, though I did not know what it would mean to me when I started. Like a person who was drowning, I needed to grab any strings that were named “hope”. Your program was one of them. There was fear, confusion, anger, struggles, doubt, anxieties, hopelessness, and the deepest sadness in me. And of course, I was not sure if I could really heal my cancer myself. After one year now of completing your mystery school mentorship, I am holding the greatest and deepest gratitude for all you have done for me. I am completely awaken. I am a different person. You helped me bring my heart back into my spirit. You guided me to find my reasons for being on this Earth. You helped me find access to my own tools to heal my body and spirit. When I was weak, or not-aligned, or lost on my path, you helped me navigate and re-align, which was extremely useful when I was not confident with the process of healing my cancer.


I can say today that my RGCC measurement is about half of where I started!!! Now I am whole. Before I was not real. I thought I was a meaningless person. And my life will never return to the place where I did not have any meaning to be “me”. You guided me through this incredible birthing process. I am finally born as “me”. My sessions with you gave me the most significant journeys and stories, which changed my life fundamentally. You have shown me the deepest unconditional love, devotion, compassion, trust, and how important it is to open your heart. I am healing myself both physically and spiritually, and I am healing others around me too. I never thought this could happen in my life.


My journey will continue and I will learn what I can offer and do for Earth and all people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the most beautiful and powerful teacher for whom I could ever ask.


With deepest admiration, Ran” -designer, reiki healer, founder,

“Working with Vonetta has been one of the most healing experiences in my life.  Because she holds such a beautiful and safe container within her group retreats, she allows each person to tap into their very own essence. Her ability to lead and inspire are intrinsic in her being…she just radiates love. And by modeling self-love and full acceptance of what IS, she inspires others around her to do the same. Vonetta’s gifts are many, but if I were to say the one thing that really sets her apart from other leaders in the healing arts; it is her gift for sharing perspective. She is absolutely grounded in her femininity and love consciousness…and this is ultimately what I desire most; the ability to love and be loved FULLY. So thankful to orbit with this powerful priestess and healer, Vonetta Taylor.”

-Natalie Riggs, founder, yoga and equine guided educator,

“Vonetta is a true magician. I came to her at an extremely low point in my career. She channeled guidance and designed a series of meditations, exclusively for me, aimed at transforming the resonance I carry in the world. I followed her instructions precisely, went deep with the meditations, and within three weeks, manifested two new powerful pieces of business. We continued to work together over the next two years and she turned me around from being deep in the red to doubling my income and opportunities. She worked with both my wife and I, saving our marriage of more than thirty years. Vonetta has a heart of gold. She is simply amazing!”

-David Cohen, screenwriter (The Devil’s Own, Friday Night Lights, Live Like Line), community leader

“In 20 years of seeing healers from all over the world, no one has been able to break David open and help him heal his deepest wounds, until we met Vonetta. She is an angel walking this Earth with wisdom that can only come from God.”

-Ayelet Berman-Cohen, artist, healer, dreamer, community leader

“Vonetta is a wise woman, a powerful spirit.  She not only radiates beauty, she supports you on seeing your beautiful soul as the Alchemist, every step of the way holding space for you to fully blossom.  Some may call her a High Priestess, a Shamanic Alchemist, weaving and supporting you on your journey, I say she is a vibration of the Divine essence here on earth…  Vonetta, what a joy it is to be with you and my sisters in sacred space. You gave me the keys that unlocked the doors to many answers. Blessings to you Sister, for your gifts that you share in the world. Your work on this Earth is much needed. Namaste, Aho”

-Julie McAfee, transformational catalyst, theta healing, feminine leadership,

“The first time I met Vonetta I remember looking up and saying to myself ‘That is what I look like fully realized!’  It was that vision that inspired me to move towards that destiny. It was her that took me through the rough terrain of spiritual enlightenment.  It was her that held my hand and showed the way.  Her hand is gentle, loving and knowledgeable.  She has accessed a library of high level wisdom that few have mastered. Her unique gifts blend into a magical cocktail of yum.  She’s Galactic. Regal. Ancient. The Real deal. And did I mention fun???? Have you heard the giggle???”

-Heather Brand, creatrix, designer, photographer,

“Vonetta, I just want to express once again in short words my deep gratitude. These three days, for me, were a mind blowing, life changing journey. Thank u for your help. A help that – I told you 😉 I will ask for in permanence and that made me discover my innermost being. Thank u for bringing Mother Earth. The two of you are true inspiration. And finally Thank u for you being what you are. And what you are is beyond words. This journey has just started.


With deep love,

Axel Zörkendörfer, Munich, Germany” – entrepreneur

“Vonetta E. Taylor facilitates the most potent and sacred retreats I’ve ever experienced. Not only does she share her beauty and experiences of her own journey on this spiritual path, Vonetta evokes pure magik! That’s what I experience as I am in Heaven on Earth, joined with Angels that are glowing with the Stars. I am filled with mystical bliss and with the feeling of having an orgasm without a partner. It can be as BIG as feeling and being One with God. I know this to be so because it was one of my experiences. I felt a new sense of power and connection to myself that has helped me in all aspects of my life. I HIGHLY recommend Vonetta if you want to experience the MAGIK!!!!

In Infinite Love, Sheila Jot Prakash Kaur”

“When I think of Vonetta, I think of three words instantly: Beauty, Grace, Wisdom. She embodies these qualities so fully. What’s beautiful about her Spirit is her freedom and authenticity to share these gifts with others. Working with Vonetta was a complete joy and I learned valuable, life-long lessons in doing so. I am grateful for all she taught and showed me, both directly and by her modeling. She showed me where my blocks were and how to lift them and I plunged delightfully into the purest places and deepest underpinnings of my Soul. She is like that gentle excavator who sees the treasures buried inside of you and lights them up for you to find. I am so grateful for the gift of her presence in my life. I am fuller for knowing her.”

-Catherine DeMonte, feminine leadership, LMFT,

“Vonetta is working with some special kind of magic. We began working together years ago. She helped me see my patterns and helped me to stand more firmly in my power. My business continuously grew over the years we worked together. I moved into more creative financial opportunities, which gave me a sense of joy again for my work. She helped me learn greater emotional intelligence. I have to share this one situation when Vonetta channeled a prayer for me and did some energy work on one of my properties that was struggling. Within less than 24 hours, a powerful miracle arrived. Amazing work, amazing teacher!”

-P.G., photographer, NY/LA,

“Working with Vonetta has been deeply transformative and wonderfully surprising – a drop into magic and beauty, wonder and discovery. A true guide and facilitator, Vonetta is ever present and fully tuned-in, able to see what you need and lead you towards it. She creates a safe and trusted environment in which you can truly ground and deeply listen, strengthening the relationships with all dimensions of yourself and the world(s) around you. (i.e.. She makes you woke as fuck.)


Vonetta activated a connection to the spirit within me, guiding me to my true potential for self love, understanding, awareness, and empowerment. As a result, I have opened up my eyes, my mind, my heart, and my soul deeper than ever before. (And I’m a psychiatrist’s daughter with a degree in psychology so I’ve spent the better part of my life going deep!) In sharing her gifts, she has taught me to learn and to receive and to release in new and powerful ways. She is my teacher, my healer, my friend, my soul sister.  And we are just getting started!”

-Miriam Brown, community builder, culture explorer, problem solver, story teller

“My experience with Vonetta was flawless! Not only was Vonetta an amazing space holder for a very powerful circle of women in Telluride, but she channeled the wisdom of the Earth. She supported me emotionally through my entire experience. Vonetta showed up in pure love and service. I highly recommend her work and leadership.”

-Jane Ashley, feminine leadership, founder, publisher,

“When I think of working with Vonetta, I feel deep gratitude for her supporting and guiding me through my own personal journey of discovering who I am. I’ve learned how to move through life with more grace and joy, connecting me closer to my inner self and to the people I love. She has guided me on my quest of knowing what is most important to me and why I’m here.  Most of us have busy work and family lives, not always without bumps and challenges, and through working with Vonetta I’ve become more aware of the patterns that sometimes contribute to these bumps. I now can navigate through situations with more ease and understanding and am able to shift my perspective, see challenges as opportunities, and approach life with a renewed sense of joy, wonder and purpose. In gratitude, Joe”
-Joe Tan, community builder, founder, design director,, founder, chief design director,, designer, Apple

“I have had 2 beautiful private retreats with Vonetta. The first experience showed me where I was emotionally blocked in my life and later where the emotions were residing in my body. This led to the intention of my second journey- to release whatever had been held in my uterus for 20 years before having a hysterectomy a month later. Vonetta created a sacred space for me and helped me feel safe to do whatever I needed to do in order to let go. After a couple of hours into my session, I saw what it was- shame and self-doubt. It was so clear. When I laid back down and I pressed on my lower abdomen I was shocked to find that it was all squishy! For many years it was hard and easy to feel. This stagnation was gone and I could breath all the way down to my pubic bone. It was incredible to feel instantaneous healing and I am forever grateful. This gave me great confidence to go into my surgery and know that those emotions would not transfer to another area in my body. I also feel lighter and more present.


I shared some of my experience with my surgeon who is very open-minded. She said that it was interesting because she didn’t find any endometriosis but saw lots of scarring from it. She encouraged me to do another healing when I recover from my surgery.


Thank you Vonetta for allowing me to expose my heart in all of its vulnerability. You have helped me heal in the most profound way for me.”

-Cass Hicks, healer, chinese medicine, acupuncture,

“Some thoughts to share, but since it is late I’ll be briefer than I want.  Since our session…

1.  I have been sleeping 9-11 hours per night.  Yummy.

2.  I feel that I am changing on a cellular level every hour.  My work sessions are more powerful.  So many tears coming from my clients this week.  I am feeling my feelings more.  I am embodying my clients per usual, but I am letting that go in the moment with them and not carrying them home with me.  Now my sleep feels more like me regenerating me rather than metabolizing them.  Cue black obsidian arrowhead whooshing.

3.  My body wisdom is louder.  My mind says that a drink would be nice, but my body firms up and says no with an unmistakable conviction.

4.  I feel open.

5.  I have now embarked on a life changing journey and our work together has been an incredible catalyst.  I am keeping up with the meditation.  I am exercising, loving myself and continuing to be in my body with reverence.

I am so grateful to you.  My younger boy inside me bows to me and to you, with great appreciation, sensitivity, and love.”

-Jordan Marks, Psychotherapist, MA, MFT.



I could not have asked for a more beautiful soul or more powerful mentor to join me along my journey. You came into my life at one of my darkest hours and held me with unconditional love, compassion, and clear seeing through all of it, deeply in tune every step of the way. Time and time again, you saw straight into the heart of the matter, and of me, helping me to connect more and more intimately to the knowing, magic and miracles of my innermost being. I transformed heartache, fear, and anxiety into wisdom, gratitude, fortitude, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and love. I have radically deepened my connection to Spirit, to inner self, intuition, creation, angels, self-love, abundance and most of all play! Your spirit has activated me in unspeakable ways. Feeling your gentle wings around me during this time has nourished my heart, reminding me of my own beauty and wild, loving spirit.


Thank you for embracing me with such powerful love, for deeply seeing me and for unfailingly holding the highest vision for me and for my life. Thank you for inspiring me to be bolder than ever before in trusting my guidance and stepping into more empowerment, sovereignty, expression, and joy.


You are a precious gift and a powerful ally. I feel the deepest gratitude in my heart for our time together. You have touched my heart and life forever.


With so much love, Bresha”

-Bresha Younger, changemaker, activist, MA, California Institute of Integral Studies

“I was introduced to Vonetta at a point in my life where I had been sick for three years fighting to recover from Lyme Disease. After my treatments of western medicine plateaued, I lingered in a place of feeling only partially better. At this point, I adventured out to find alternative ways of healing. Through Vonetta’s work I was provided a safe place to heal, a place to pause and be held in love, light and sisterhood. I worked on going inward, journeying deeply into my own souls reflection. In the sacred space held by Vonetta I tuned in, I listened to my heart’s message, I learned the teachings behind my misfortunes and learned how they were truly blessings in disguise. I had a pretty massive healing happen with Vonetta, I didn’t realize I had been holding onto so much hurt from the disease. I was able to let go of my distress and allowed myself to be held by God’s love where so much pain left my body. I have a new perspective about my lyme experience and how it has helped me change the imbalances in my life. I have so much gratitude for Vonetta and the healing that has taken place in her care.”

-S.W., Los Angeles

“Vonetta is a Goddess. I knew it from the moment I saw her walk into the room. If only she’d let me, I’d call her guruji.”
-K.H., Milwaukee, WI