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Crowned and Throned

Stone Dam Shangri-La

My question to my dear sister before arriving for my 3 week stay in Kauai was “what are the most sacred places on the island?” Her number one mention...

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Living Peace

Today was one of the best days of my career.  Ran walked into my sanctuary, looking as radiant as ever, sat down and said “I am done with my cancer. ...

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New Frontiers

I am finally getting back to my journal and starting to feel a settling in my bones from all the intensity of traveling I've done this first half of this...

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Vonetta E Taylor


For the love of all my sisters here in the Bay, my Spider Stinson sisters, sisters of LA, my sisters in Milwaukee, my sisters in NY, my sisters across the...

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Spring Equinox – mt tam

This year was the first spring equinox ritual I hosted in my own home. I was so excited all the ladies from our women’s circle were coming and especially to...

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Peaceful Protest

On November 18th, 2017 and again on Dec 3rd, I led the meditation in front of San Francisco City Hall, for our silent peaceful protest, a gathering planned and organized...

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Sardinia – a sacred retreat

Sardinia, an Italian island set in the turquoise healing waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Home to thousands of nuraghi-mysterious Bronze Age stone ruins shaped like beehives. Obviously an island birthed...

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Me, Mars & Montreal

Getting my kid to graduation has been a very long and often arduous journey. Despite being incredibly bright and talented, my son never really liked school. Starting in third grade,...

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the Grace Oasis

20 years in Los Angeles to land in Tiburon, home in our sanctuary, overlooking the Bay. How do I sum up so many years to mark this transition. A new...

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